onlinecasinorealmoneysignupbonus| Leading the summer trend, fast-hand e-commerce "Fast Fashion-Modern Summer" has boosted the outbreak of clothing merchants '618 business

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annualOnlinecasinorealmoneysignupbonusThe 618 promotion is in full swing. In order to better promote the business outbreak of platform merchants, recently, Kuaishou e-commerce and Kuaishou commercially launched the Fast Fashion series "Fast Fashion-Modern one Summer", centering on the summer fashion trend. Help style merchants to expand exposure to achieve sales growth.

It is reported that the activity officially began on May 23 and lasted until June 2. Merchants participating in the event can enjoy the global support policies provided by fast-hand e-commerce and commercialization throughout the 618 period.

Specifically, in the content field, Kuaishou e-commerce launched a number of games, such as 2 million + anchors, category days, super weekends, anchors' selection events and double election sessions, to help merchants get more traffic exposure and fan growth with high-quality content.

In the pan-shelf field, Kuaishou e-commerce not only introduces multiple subsidy policies such as mental goods subsidy, time-limited supplement, time-limited second kill, low-price special sale public domain, channel traffic subsidy, etc., but also based on multiple traffic incentives for merchants and people, to help it achieve rapid business growth.

In the short video field, participating merchants can also enjoy Kuaishou e-commerce "daily plan" and "star plan", with the help of high-quality content guidance and traffic incentive subsidies to create more explosive products.

In order to allow users to enjoy real concessions and a better shopping experience on the platform, Kuaishou e-commerce has also introduced a cross-store full reduction policy of 60 yuan per 300 yuan, while offering users rights such as return freight and interest-free by installments. participating merchants can also receive subsidies of up to 20% service charges and interest-free concessions at a certain rate.

As a marketing IP with tonality, style and ability to break circles, "Fast Fashion" helps businesses grow rapidly with the help of large-scale flow aggregation effect, and this Spice Girl theme event has emerged a wave of high-quality style merchants, such as where the orange tree is, Huang Xiaoli baby, 1995, I am really fat and so on.

To this end, all businesses stationed in "Fast Fashion" can enjoy flow rights and interests such as exclusive labels, traffic scene support, exclusive marketing activities, exclusive targeted registration qualifications for mall trend channels, and policy rights and interests such as new business support, industry exclusive subsidy policy, merchant / talent matchmaking, as well as exclusive waiter docking, exclusive exchange community, professional training and other operational protection, so that businesses can achieve all-round growth in Kuaishou.

onlinecasinorealmoneysignupbonus| Leading the summer trend, fast-hand e-commerce "Fast Fashion-Modern Summer" has boosted the outbreak of clothing merchants '618 business

For a long time, the sales of the clothing industry have been greatly affected by seasonal changes. According to the 2024 Spring / Summer Kuaishou Fashion trend report released by Kuaishou e-commerce, the video broadcast volume of Kuaishou clothing industry fluctuates with the seasons, and the broadcast volume of clothing content has increased rapidly since March, reaching a small peak in spring and summer in May. In the spring and summer of 2023, nearly 100 million Kuaishou users searched for clothing per month, an increase of 47% over the same period last year, and the content of user search clothing was gradually diversified, not only for clothing, but also for multi-category basic items.

Relying on the strong clothing business atmosphere of fast-hand e-commerce, next, fast-hand e-commerce will also continue to pay attention to the business growth of clothing merchants, through high-quality resources and a number of policies and subsidies to support, continue to explore new business increments for clothing merchants.

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