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The 30-year ultra-long-term special treasury bonds were traded publicly for the first time. One minute after the market opened, 24 special countries 01 rose 13%, and it was directly suspended until the trading was suspended. Trading resumed at 10:00, and the increase reached 25% again within 10 minutes, triggering a full-day suspension. 2JungleJackpotJauntSpecial treasury bonds with a.57% interest rate were directly robbed.


The asset shortage has become serious, and the coupon rate of U.S. Treasury bonds has soared to 4.4%, presenting a big opportunity. Dollar bonds plummeted, and U.S. debt ETFs with more than 20 years of heavy positions suffered a staggering decline. Interest rates and bond prices have an inverse relationship. When interest rates fall, bond prices will rise, which is the opportunity to enter. Risks include the risk of Lao Mi raising interest rates again and exchange rate risk. In addition to US dollar bonds, A-shares also have opportunities to recommend consumption and dividends. Dividend State-owned Enterprise ETF (510720) is an investment option worthy of attention.

Keywords special treasury bonds, US bond yields, bond prices bearish (neutral) The decline in the interest rate of special treasury bonds triggered a sharp rise in bond prices. However, the current US bond yields are relatively high, expectations of interest rate cuts are strong, and it has investment value. Dollar bonds have fallen out of the biggest gold hole in 40 yearsJungleJackpotJaunt! Risk warning for Hexun's self-selected stock writers: The above content is only the author's or guest's opinion, does not represent any position of Hexun, and does not constitute any investment advice related to Hexun. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers when necessary. Hexun strives but cannot confirm the authenticity, accuracy and originality of the above content, and Hexun makes no guarantee or commitment in this regard.